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  1. RS to ST Airbox lid conversion

    I dont have the tools or ability to change mine :-( Plus my ill health. I would pay somebody to make one for me !!! Jamie
  2. RS to ST Airbox lid conversion

    I have a K&N that i will fit maybe monday if its not snowing lol Jamie
  3. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    What would cause my sync 2 navigation to crash upon me clicking on it on the top right corner. Turning the ignition off and opening closing the door does not always work ? Jamie
  4. New Battery - improvements!

    You say your lights still dim. is your alternator fully healthy Jamie
  5. 2003 1.8 MP3 Focus starting problem

    Hi Alex How old is the battery ? With it being so cold the voltage drops. Jamie
  6. Ford Fiesta Oil Usage

    Hey Have you checked all of the breather system piping. Overpressuring during driving will force oil past worn seals etc. Are you using 5-30 oil. Jamie
  7. Hey I have owned 3 DV6 Powered Focus's 1 mk2.5 with the 5 speed box. and 2 with the 6 speed box. Straight Motorway cruising is not bad. inclines can slow it down. The 5 speeder was better than the later 12 plate and 13 plate mk3's Revs at 2500 is about right It has 240 nm of torque and around 110ps its never going to be a stormer. Is the oil the correct 5-30 type. is the air filter clean. Jamie
  8. Get a steering lock now

    Could you point me to a key locker on ebay please. I wish to purchase one now. Thankyou :-) Jamie
  9. Get a steering lock now

    im slightly worried. my car was not locked this morning. I know i locked it. Keys were in my living room and car parked in front of the said window. Im putting them in a tin tonight Jamie
  10. Headlights. Traffic L/R setting plz help

    yes/no ? i did make a discovery. its not in the manual. i was confused. as was most people here. its detriment to safety if messed with. Jamie
  11. Hey Is the member that owns that rs here :-) If not can i leave a leaflet about membership under there wiper ? Jamie
  12. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Sometimes i wish i could press an economy button. especially when motorway cruising which i do a lot of lately Jamie
  13. Sudden Drop in MPG

    jeez i wish i could get 60+ MPG im jelous lol hehehe whats your secret Jamie
  14. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    Dual Mass Flywheel / bad clutch springs ? is it not releasing/clamping squarely Jamie