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  1. I will try Petes Suggestion tomorrow am :-) and report my findings :-) :-) Jamie
  2. The ford garage said its the correct part number, even tried a different one, alas Jamie p.s i have not added oil in the time that i have owned it, (nov) and i have covered 8500 miles
  3. Anyone ??? im not a noobie
  4. Hi Simon Just out of curiosity was the windscreen treated with rain X ? or was the windscreen wiped over when the car was washed with a waxy car wash Jamie
  5. Hello Ricard Best car for your money is the 1.6 petrol titanium. pick a 2010 model and it will have all that you want above. The newest mk2.5's will be 11 plates or maybe 61 if its been sitting before it was purchased. Hope that helps in some way. Jamie
  6. Hello Bill Im so glad that ford fixed this issue for you. :-) Jamie
  7. Here is a video about Automatic transmission fluid. It shows that it does degrade. Before anyone says, he is talking about a manual transmission, i know that i was just giving an idea as to why you should change it if you have the know how and tools Jamie
  8. Personally i use bp ultimate with millers diesel additive :-) Jamie
  9. The car will not be fitted with a dpf Jamie
  10. So the dpf was at 60% ? a Manual Regen usually suffices (done at dealership via OBD) mine did that due to the turbo charge pipe popping off and because i continued driving it (long story) it clogged the dpf) Jamie
  11. contrary to popular belief. Gear oil does get warm and then cold again. gets comtaminated with metal particles especially so when incorrectly selecting gears (we all know that grrrrrrrrrrr noise) Ages over time. ie additives split. shear and dissolve over time and get less and less usefull. If you intend on keeping your car until it runs into the ground change the oil. IF you have the knowledge and Time Jamie
  12. Hello Everyone, I have owned my Focus st tdci for a year next month, I have noticed that everytime i go to check the engine oil level it is impossible to get an accurate reading. I do the following 1. remove dipstick Wipe, Replace, 2. Remove dipstick try and see where the oil line is and fail because the oil goes over and above the max line. 3. i try a 2nd time and see the same result as 2. Is anyone else having this issue with the 1997cc Duratoq TDCI engine (Code DW10) fitted to most Fords since its introduction in 1999 Jamie
  13. Hello :-) Where is the sound symposer located on my 2016 Focus ST Derv Also How do i de activate it. Jamie
  14. I run the st tdci on vpower diesel. It picks up smoother and feels a little happier :-) It is unhappy on supermarket fuel ie there is a little hesitation on acceleration. Hope my 2 pence worth of help works lol Jamie
  15. when i enquired with spider, they said that the code was no longer valid. :-( Damn i missed out. Jamie