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  1. NGK TR5A-10 Are the best plugs for your car. Spark plugs will not give you anything more than a spark at the right time Jamie
  2. i would use a defamatory word but knowing you i will receive a warning point. I guess we will have to update the way we are currently doing. until ford block that avenue of pleasure. Jamie
  3. Same here exactly. Seeing what David (Murcod) wrote got me worried lol Jamie
  4. What damage does it do and can we update the rest of the module ? Jamie
  5. notice of intended prosecution did you know that you were speeding ?
  6. You are very lucky, I change the oil in my car every 6K miles with a genuine filter. Jamie
  7. ahhh ok :-) Thankyou :-) Thankyou Alex
  8. ok, So you stuck with them yourself ? is there anything that just plugs in
  9. Hello :-) Is there a way of replacing the cheap looking red led's that are in my front footwells. see pics Jamie p.s my pics always show on here as being sideways. but they were taken normally lol
  10. Surely this hasnt just started happening. And, Do you do Brim - Brim fuel calculations or just rely on the vastly inaccurate trip computer. I get 450 miles to a tank in my Diesel focus st. but that is because i drive it hard. if i drive it carefully i can get 600+ I'm not suggesting that You drive it incorrectly. Is the car fully serviced. ie is the air filter newish/plugs less than 3 years old/what colour is the oil. if its thick and black then change it out. Are the tyres inflated correctly. Jamie
  11. unless that speedometer is calibrated up. then he was more than likely doing 116 mph lol considering its mileage and age lol. Jamie
  12. I'm interested in seeing pictures of what caused this. How long have you owned the car. Has it had regular servicing. Jamie
  13. Hi Im sorry that iam late to reply The RED Arrow points to the oil filter which is inside the black done Dome. Its the only image i could find with the oil filter in it Jamie
  14. it is right behind the oil filler eeeeek :-( if im wrong im sorry Jamie
  15. I wish we had a discount code for bluefin :-( I prefer bluefin because its easy to take the map off and put it back on again Jamie