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  1. I run the st tdci on vpower diesel. It picks up smoother and feels a little happier :-) It is unhappy on supermarket fuel ie there is a little hesitation on acceleration. Hope my 2 pence worth of help works lol Jamie
  2. when i enquired with spider, they said that the code was no longer valid. :-( Damn i missed out. Jamie
  3. Thanx Alex :-) :-) Jamie
  4. what is the latest map version for the sync 2 myford touch ? Jamie
  5. Any news updates ? Jamie
  6. Are you still able to do gel badges ?? Jamie
  7. Just read this thread. has it been registered as GTDI I believe that is a Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection ? jamie
  8. Hi

    How much would a snorkel delete be for my 2016 focus st tdci



  9. Hi When will there be another update. Jamie
  10. My mother and i have exclusively used supermarket fuel in all of our cars right back to a 1980 V plate 2 litre Ford Granada L and never had any problems with carburettors and or injectors. I also worked in a Fuel Filling Station for around 6-7 years and all the fuel came by lorry straight from the refinery either from Avonmouth/Kingsbury or Erdington Birmigham Fuel has to meet BS EN590 (Revision e.g 2016) for Diesel BS EN228 ( " ")For Unleaded Bs En7800 ( " " ) for Super Fresh fuel then has additives dependent to the retailer added upon loading into a tanker, The Morrisons i worked at had between 1 and 2 deliverys a day. 1-2 X 38,000 litres Not sticking up for but stating the facts. Jamie
  11. I wake up Day Neutral until i go downstairs hahaha :-) and look at the calendar etc Screenwash I Cry Screenwash top it up, most common failure point lol Jamie
  12. remember to wash it lol
  13. It seems to me that the previous owner has installed some sort of handsfree kit. It can be removed. Is there an inline fuse in the wiring you mention. Hope this helps Jamie
  14. Hi Did it cut out at all after refueling etc. I always ask but. when was the fuel filter changed. When was it last serviced. and has it done this previously Jamie
  15. Hi Do you have breakdown cover. If so i would get it taken to the garage that supplied and fitted it. If it has burnt out and over charged it may have taken the battery/ecu/loom under bonnet. Jamie