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  1. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    I bought it from genuine_sat-nav_store_ltd on ebay Jamie
  2. ELM327 first go - problems

    check your inbox ;)
  3. ELM327 first go - problems

    The central configuration is available to read on etis-ford by entering your registration number if you are registered or a vin number Jamie
  4. ELM327 first go - problems

    I didnt use forscan to do my auto locking doors. I used focccus I know im mumbling but you CAN seriously BRICK your car if you do the slightest thing wrong. Add something that isnt on the car such as Blind Spot Information System etc etc Jamie
  5. What fuel do you use ?

    this is what i use
  6. What fuel do you use ?

    Spot On. I wish there was a way that fuel discussions be limited. its the same old same old Jamie
  7. What fuel do you use ?

    oh not this debate again. I use BP Ultimate wherever i can. But it wont clean the inlet valves. Only the older engines with Port Fuel Injection PFI will get the full benefit of Ultimate or V-power Jamie
  8. full car service

    Brake fluid is hygroscopic it absorbs water. Naughty Naughty Jamie
  9. Engine Oil Flush

    Iam the people hehehehe :p Jamie
  10. Engine Oil Flush

    I stand by what i have said. 1. he does not drain from the sump. 2. we do not know the cars history 3 Flushing an old engine is not advised. 4 Flushing is a big debate because if the oil is regularly changed there should be no contamination anyway. Jamie
  11. Engine Oil Flush

    Although you may do that (drive round with an engine flush in the sump) Do not recommend something that may cause severe engine damage to another persons car. The only flushes i have used state to leave the engine running at fast idle or idle for 10-15 minutes then drain the sump. The op does not drain the sump, although when hot dirt etc will be suspended in the oil some heavier contaminants will remain at the bottom, Jamie
  12. Engine Oil Flush

    How many miles has it done. If it aint broke dont fix it. If it pulls cleanly. and runs fine. Leave it. And stop using the dip stick tube to remove oil. Jamie
  13. Engine Oil Flush

    Hi Jonathan My thoughts are stick with 5-30 unless the engine is burning oil. The oilways are drilled for 5-30 If you look after it as well as you say you do then you may not get any issues. Re the vac pump. I would drain from the sump tbh because your leaving crud behind that sits in the sump. Jamie
  14. Mondeo 2.0 And 2.2 Tdci - Fuel Filter Replacement

    i know its old but the pics are gone :-(