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  1. Hmmm i hope so :-) Jamie
  2. Done :-) took nearly half an hour. :- Screen Response is much faster Nav works faster Will keep you updated. p.s there are some before and after shots attached :-) Left (Before) Right (After) Jamie Jamie
  3. Is there a changelog ? What are the differences Jamie
  4. I would like the link please version 3.08 i think from my piccy below Jamie
  5. Please keep us informed :-) i will be interested in seeing this nice car :-) Jamie
  6. Personaly i woudnt keep telling everyone.
  7. I ran out of crackers sorry Ryan ;-) Jamie
  8. Bubbles in the fuel lines caused by an incorrectly fitted fuel filter. Jamie
  9. Hi Ben Tbh i would find a good 2nd hand engine. Jamie
  10. is v3 out yet ?? Jamie
  11. Thankoooo very much. :)
  12. I originally wanted to enable Automatic locking but curiosity got the better of me and i enabled blis lol the instrument cluster now thinks it has blis, as does the cars ecu lol eeek Jamie
  13. Thanks Clive Just done that :-) :-)
  14. Hi there


    I would like to renew my ford owners club membership

    I cannot find a renewal link anywhere

    I tried to create a new membership only for an error message popping up saying im only allowed one


    1. Trevor


      Hi Jamie

      I can manually send you a Renewal Invoice which you should be able to activate.

      If you have any further issues, please let me know directly on trevor.catt@autoclubsinternational.com

      Best Regards - Trevor (Community Manager)

    2. james_60


      your the best :-) Thankyou so much, will this get me a new shirt :-)



    3. Trevor


      lol, depends on which membership package you signed up to.  Cheers, Trevor

  15. Hello Everyone Simple Warning Be carefull what you use Elmconfig and Focccus for. If you enable a module not existing it will produce Warning lights and warning messages on your car and could even render your car bricked ie un driveable I Enabled BLIS (BLINDSPOT INFORMATION SYSTEM) I did not buy Blis when i got my car, I can now not disable it, I try to write to the ecu (config) and iam stuck with a warning light and error messages. When i try to revert back it cuts out writing back to the ecu so now i have to face the embarrasment of going to the dealership for them to find out what i was doing Jamie