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  1. Sync app link?

    Dealerships only update if there is a prevailing problem. Im too far away but im sure there is a member closer that knows how to do it. Whistles for them !! :-) Key is to backup your cars firmware/software before changing anything so that you can upload the original back if something goes wrong. Jamie
  2. Sync app link?

    anything less than v1.5 and NOT bluetooth. There was a guide on converting it if your handy with a soldering iron i purchased mine from a member here that converted some for people But i WARN you. you can BRICK your car if you do the wrong thing. Im not joking !! try explaining to your Dealership how you did it. shock horror Only use it if you Know and understand what you are doing. Jamie
  3. Sync app link?

    I have a modified Elm327 heheh with hi can and lo can speed switch its essential if your a member of this site hehehe :-) I enabled auto lock on my car with it. But have enabled more on my older focus's with it :-)
  4. Bluetooth Module Location

    going rate lol :p
  5. Bluetooth Module Location

    Heres a tease for you http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-TITANIUM-2-0-TDCI-MK4-2012-SONY-CD-PLAYER-HEAD-UNIT-RADIO-DISPLAY-/263228384801?hash=item3d49a26621:g:FmUAAOSwOVpXX~lC That is the ultimate upgrade :-) Jamie
  6. Bluetooth Module Location

    people often sell the sony sync 1 satnav unit. I dont know how to update sync 1 but i know or remember that you could update it in a fiesta. Dont worry about sync 2 its a different animal. Jamie
  7. Bluetooth Module Location

    It may require a Software update. I updated the software myself (sync 2) see updating sync 2 thread. Sync 1 is basic but it works. Have you thought of installing the Sony Satnav unit !!!! Jamie
  8. Ford Power Button - why’s it there?

    nothing to worry about :-) its a nice car :-) Hope i was of help tooooo Jamie
  9. Ford Power Button - why’s it there?

    I have a feeling you might be right. Dash changed for the reasons of (Airbag deployed) Jamie
  10. Ford Power Button - why’s it there?

    Plz click the heart and select the cup if you are satisfied that i helped you lol EJECTOR SEAT BUTTON !!!! LOL Jamie
  11. Ford Power Button - why’s it there?

    Just Pm;d you Jamie
  12. Ford Power Button - why’s it there?

    Hey :-) is there a key hole. or is it big enough to put the whole key inside Jamie
  13. MK3 Focus Ecoboost - No stop start

    Do you have a friend with a ctek charger or similar. Are you happy not having stop start. if you are ok with that then leave the battery alone and wait until it packs up. If you want working stop start, then a new batter of the same type (part number) will be required :- Finis number 1693470 Part number BV6N-10655-AA 590cca 60ah SAE T6 Silver Calcium But before purchasing a new battery, try and beg borrow and steal a good battery charger first and see if charging it to 100% works first Jamie
  14. MK3 Focus Ecoboost - No stop start

    i was being sarcastic :p Jamie
  15. MK3 Focus Ecoboost - No stop start

    Do you have a good quality battery charger ? Jamie