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  1. New Kuga

    Hi Like you I bought my first Ford but in over 30 years (started driving at a very young age!). I have a Kuga AWD Titanium which is now 1 year old with 15,000 on the clock. I tow a caravan with it and have to say it's a very stable towcar. When not towing, it feels like you're driving a sporty car. Great roadholding, cornering etc. Having had a Volvo V70 before the Kuga I wasn't sure about the change but it's great. A little less power than the Volvo but thinking about superchiping - any views from anyone?
  2. hello kuga owners

    Hi all - Just about to become a KUGA owner. I collect mine on Friday morning. Looked at other makes but the test rive clinched it. :P