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  1. thanks for that, looks great in the right colour
  2. almost worth buying one just in case!?
  3. what is ambient lighting?
  4. might be a bit of ice still left inside the door?
  5. yep i'd seen them, wondered if they were real at £500?
  6. petrol (and diesel) have to meet a british standard spec at the pumps. As a result oil companies will make to that spec with very little giveaway. In reality the main difference is the 'performance' additive that each company adds (or in some case doesn't add). Every company makes their own claims but you will find the majority use similiar additives but put it in at different rates somewhere between 250 and 450ppm. Most of this is to keep the engine clean (ie detergent agent of some kind) Throw into this the reproduceability of the test method allowing for .59R and there is virtually nothing in it. As for running on Super Unleaded or 'normal unleaded it depends on how efficient your engine is as switching between the 2 grades some ECU's compensate for it quicker than others. Most oil companies supply each other and only the additive might be different.
  7. check the connections but the individual wires can sometimes go. Had the rear hatchbach replaced and when they took the rear screen out they damaged some of the wires built onto the glass. I think you can get metal repair fluid to bridge the gap in the wire on the glass
  8. halfords does a good choice of removal keys or your local car radio shop will take it out for you
  9. top up your anti freeze levels or it will be your engine next!
  10. £450 for a new engine fitted, sounds incredibily cheap. Was that a genuine ford replacement?
  11. black looks great when its clean, but its dirty most of the time - does this make sense?
  12. great car whether boy or girl, but some of those colours!?
  13. i'm in real trouble then! apologies
  14. sorry just joined, thought the original owners might get back
  15. did you find the answer to your problem? cheers