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  1. Thanks for your help guys. Completely disconnected the fuse box and reconnected it, everything back in order, maybe it was just a loose connection.
  2. Thanks guys. I have detached the battery today and hopefully when I hook it all back up this evening I have some luck. With regard to what you said stones, I have checked every fuse and inspected the wiring as best I can, it all looks in good order. How do I go about testing the relays or finding out of they are broken? Thanks
  3. I haven't heard of that before..... I had a mate hook up his computer to the car which gave a problem code of U0140, which I believe is an ECU problem
  4. Thanks mate, Had a good look at the earth cable and nothing appeared out of shape. I have spoken to a friend who suggested it may be a relay within the engine fuse box. Only way to check that out is get it hooked up and check the ECU.
  5. Hello all, I am after abit of help, a few days ago I went to lock the car via the central locking and it would not lock, upon further inspection I found the following had just grown a mind of its own, Central locking not working although the indicators are still showing when key clicked. Internal lights stay on unless manually turned off. Parking light and engine light permanently on. Indicators not showing up/sounding on dash-although they are still visually working thankfully. Heated windscreen no longer working, the button no longer lights up.rear still works. The temperature gauge no longer registers, just two blank lines which then shows the red snow flake. So not too good, moments before the car was working like a dream as always so no idea what has prompted all these issues. I have this morning gone through the fuse box under the glove compartment inspecting every fuse, apart from my rear number plate lights wery fuse was fine. I then had a look in the fuse box in the engine, again the fuses I could look at were fine, although the small black square plug ins I am unable to say if they are ok or not as I am not sure what the indicator is. When I press the key inside the car I can hear a sort of clicking coming from the fuse box area under the glove box but there is nothing visual to help. Any help would be really really appreciated, to make the timing of this even worse I am test driving a new ST this afternoon and I am planning to trade my car in!!!! Thanks everyone Luke
  6. Focus 2.0 Diesel Performance Chipping

    Thanks for your reply, I'll have a look at blue fin and see what's going on. Anyone else able to help?
  7. I have a 58 plate focus 2.0 tdci, it's runs 136bhp, I fancy getting a performance chip to see what I can get from it, I've seen one on the net for £400 that will take it up to 163bhp....just wanting any advice/experience anyone can give me?? Thanks Luke
  8. How do I search for the topic I want to see???