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  1. Hi fellas, thanks for the replies, sorry ive been so long getting back. Still have the same problem i have changed the filter, checked the glow plugs, and checked that power is getting to plugs! but still won,t start very well from cold..i crank the engine for about 30 secs there is white smoke from the exhaust and a smell of deisel so i can only assume that fuel is getting through but is not igniting!! my glow plug light only stays on for about 5 secs max even when engine is stone cold, is this normal? i am now fairly sure its electrical problem but dont know what to try next?? any ideas much appreciated.... When warm starts on the button every time, and runs really well ---very frustrating Thanks again
  2. Been having problems starting my 1.8TDDI focus from cold, or if it,s been left for about 3 hrs as per my recent post ( Poor starting )almost sure there is air getting into fuel lines and then i have to crank engine to get rid of it. Wondered if anyone knows if there is a one way valve in the system that could be faulty and allowing drain back of diesel , or it may be pulling air past one of the line connectors Where can i find a diagram of fuel flow and pipes ect.Any help appreciated. LD PS Is it possible there would be a lift pump in The tank
  3. Err Whats DPF ??
  4. Sorry guys, should have mentioned that car has just had a service, new diesel filter was fitted & glow plug circuit tested-ok.i have noticed that if car is parked facing down hill it tends to start a lot easier which makes me think of pump problem, or a anti drain back valve fault, but dont know if this valve is fitted or where located. Cheers Guys LD
  5. Hi all, having problems starting my focus 1.8 tddi, especially in morning or if its been left parked up for about 3hrs or so. i have to crank the engine for about 30 secs before it fires up. Starts every time if i dont leave it for long periods Have heard that there is an anti-drain back valve fitted in fuel line somewhere but not too sure if this would cause problem----------- any ideas please Much appreciated...
  6. Would think the alternator is giving this problem, had a fault on mine when the lights seemed to be pulsing bright then dim, was not long before battery indicator came on, knew then that the alternator had crashed :( get it checked out mate LD
  7. HI ALL Sorry its been so long :( have cured the above fault, turns out there was a bolt that had loosened very slightly on the wishbone joint--i turn of the spanner job done :D after all the f******* about LD
  8. when for example i accelerate on a straight road my car pulls quite violently to the right, Then when i ease back on the throttle the car returns to straight driving symtoms are very much like getting caught by a cross wind i have changed my tyres around as a precausion, ond have checked for any obvious wear on ball joints ect but they seem ok any ideas please on what could be causing this LD
  9. Sorry to jump on this thread, Is it possible to purchase the pipe separately, i have aan oil leak on pipe connector at sreering pump end, any idea of cost Cheers LD
  10. Cheers mate, any idea where this switch is located on vehicle. LD
  11. Hi Guys, the cooling fan on my car starts to run even before the engine gets to normal operating temp, any ideas what could cause this to happen, PS car runs ok, does not overheat Cheers LD
  12. Hi all. Finally got round to changing the thermostat things have improved a little but heaters not getting as hot as they should i have now noticed that the cooling fan seems to be cutting in before the engine reaches normal working temp, is it possible that i now have a faulty temp sensor that is causing this to happen?? if so where is it located on the engine? Bit annoying because the engine is running well otherwise went for a run yesterday did 170 miles with no probs . Is there something else i can check. Any ideas appreciated.. LD
  13. Sure will :) Water under the bridge as they say!! Thanks to all for the info supplied, Regarding my heater fault the majority of replies point to a thermostat fault , ill change it asap and let you know how i get on... Cheers LD
  14. Not accepted mate!! seems you have stepped out of line before refering to reply by DanGull, also in your appology to DanGull post #6 you are making accusations against someone you dont know, which in my mind confirms that the reply in post#2 was not ment as a joke because you then try to justify your remarks . As i have already said many more people may want to join this forum but replies like yours do no favours for this site---and that is your problem i do have a very good sence of humour--i must have to reply :P