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  1. Grinding Noise

    Ok, took it to a Kwikfit this morning, I drove the bloke around the car park and he heard the noise. Got it up on the ramps but couldn't see anything wrong with the wheel balance, brakes, or pads. I've got to book it in for a more thorough search. He thinks it could be the bearing at the top of the suspension column. Shouldn't be too horrific if that's all it is (fingers crossed) :)
  2. Grinding Noise

    I don't know why it's only just dawned on me but the front right tyre was replaced at the last MOT and Service a couple of months ago. The wheels are original though and the tyre matches the same profile as the other three wheels on the car. Could it be something like they've not fitted the wheel properly? I'll take it along to a garage this morning and get them to have a look.
  3. Grinding Noise

    Okay, I've had a look tonight and I can't see anything different between the front left and the front right umderneath the car... Suspension bearing problem? I think I'll try and book it in someplace over the weekend for a quick look-see. Anyone know of any good garages near the Medway Towns in Kent?
  4. Grinding Noise

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the quick response. It sounds more like rubbing. It certainly doesn't sound "metalic". I'll have a look in the morning with a passenger in the car and let you know how I get on. Thanks!
  5. Grinding Noise

    Hi Everyone, I purchased my 5 door 1.6 LX '53 Plate Focus last year. It's done 44k, and about two months ago I put it in for an MOT and Full Service, which it passed with flying colours. Not had any problems with it at all, up until now... Since the MOT and Service I've noticed a grinding noise at the front of the car when steering to the right. It doesn't happen unless it's on full or near-full lock and it seems to be more apparent when there is someone in the front passenger seat. I've had a quick look underneath but can't see anything obvious. Is this common? Any ideas? Thanks!