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  1. Forgetting to turn the lights on was an issue for me when I first got my Zetec. You'll get used to it pretty quickly. I now appreciate the car's interior lighting up like Clark Griswold's house at Christmas
  2. Mine shiny too on the Zetec.
  3. You can create playlists for a USB drive with various software programs but to be honest it looks too much ag to me My music is in a folder called FORD1 containing sub folders for each artist and in them the albums. The display lets you browse everything but genre which suits me. One thing though, there's no gapless playback like an iPod, so something like Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon doesn't flow like it should :(
  4. I ummed and ahhed about getting a Y cable but in the end spent £15 on a 16gb Sandisk USB drive. IMO, the USB is the easiest option if your music, like mine, is all mp3 and independent of the iTunes library. Also a lot easier to just unplug it when you park and drop it in the door bin. The clever system even remembers the last track when you plug back in B)
  5. I'll live with it just for the heated screen and effortless starting in -5 B)
  6. Problem is until this one, every car I've owned has had rubbish headlights so I'm used to the road not being lit up in front of me.
  7. As much as I like the dash layout of the Mk7, the instrument cluster is sadly lacking. I'm a bit old fashioned and like a temp gauge to tell me how the cooling system is coping not a light that'll come on, probably, when it's too late (they've put one in the new Ka when the old model didn't have one). A dash dimmer would've been nice too as the illumination & cluster info display are very bright IMO. One final niggle, is it necessary to have the dash light up when the car is unlocked? 3 times now I've driven off without turning the lights on (fair enough, that's me being old and forgetful!) Despite the 'Victor Meldrew' nature of this post, I do love my new Fez :)
  8. Yep, that's me
  9. Evening all, Had my 5 door Fiesta Zetec 1.25 in Vision for about a week and love it. Never been into Fiestas before but this new shape changed my opinion so I decided to send my troublesome '99 diesel Voyager to the great government scrappage pile and claim the £2,000. Especially like the fact I can put a ton of music onto a USB drive. Can't see the CD player ever being used. If you're interested my Mrs, LauraGeeGee, has posted pics of it on her profile. Steve