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  1. This is from early this year
  2. Nico, do you ever get to drive the Jag? :)
  3. Nice improvement! :)
  4. He means the upwards green arrow light in the dash that is supposed to light up when the car thinks you should change gears. I never got it to work either.
  5. Ugly indeed. Edit: Looks like the car in the picture has the new Mountune alloys fitted, I think they're quite nice. They'd look better on a dark colored car maybe.
  6. I checked the side of my original air filter (switched to k&n) and it looked like this: I think that may be the part number.
  7. + They get to choose from 7 different hues of ambient lighting
  8. Be sure to post a few pictures ;)
  9. Doesn't really seem like a great UI experience does it. Looks a bit slow and messy sort of.
  10. Nice :) Another fresh Fiesta ad by Ken Block:
  11. Nicely put.
  12. Going outside now to change my dipped beam bulbs with a pair of Osram Night Breakers. :D Thanks for the guide!
  13. Good stuff! How does it look in the dark? Pics would be great ;)
  14. Shouldn't spacers sort that?
  15. Just a reminder :) Edit: This episode can now be downloaded here (.torrent file)