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  1. Radio Code

    Thanks very much! worked a treat! (saved me £20 - well £15 - i went to buy some Radio Clips from Halfords which cost a fiver) Thanks Again.
  2. Radio Code

    Hi - can anyone tell me what my Radio Code is for my car - Serial Number: M427994?? Any help is much appreciated
  3. Focus 2001 1.8 Collection - User Handbook

    Cheers for the link.. will keep looking as i need a full user manual. The ticking is loud on start up then quietens after around 20 minutes of driving, but doesn't completely die down
  4. Does anyone know where i can pick a handbook up from, or do i have to contact Ford directly?? Also i have a ticking noise coming from the belt on the left hand side of the engine (not sure what it is as i have just bought the car and it has no user manual) - it lessens when the Engine warms up but is very nosy from start and when i accelerate. I used WD40 on the belt and the noise went silent for a while, but was loud again when i tried it this morning. Wish i knew more about cars!!! Don't think it is anything serious as the car has just gone through it's mot fine and has 66,000 miles on the clock so it does not need the cambelt changed yet i would of thought? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.