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  1. strange noise

    I own a Ranger doublecab, serviced every 6000 miles. It has now done 69000 miles without problem. Recently there has been a metalic ticking noise which seems to come and go at no particular time, sometimes on start up, other times after a run. Could it be injector problem?
  2. snow chains

    Have recently joined and this is my first topic : During the recent cold spell I had to use the 4 wheel drive on my 02 doublecab quite a lot. Although I found few problems off road, there were occasions when it was really icey and I thought snow chains would have helped. Speaking to a fellow Ranger driver I was told that you cannot fit chains on the tyres of this model {235/70/15} Can anybody shed light on this, can't think what the problem could be.
  3. greetings

    Hello evryone at FOC. My name is Jim and I'm an ex Manchester man living in Cornwall. At present I drive a ranger double cab which I realy enjoy. Hope to meet other ranger users in the future