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  1. Yeah, it already happened. After braking a plastic clip and struggling to remove the butterfly clips for 30minutes at -5°C, I must admit I gave up and went to the dealer (€30) - very dear bulb. So I was determined to replace the lower bulbs myself.
  2. I know how you feel. It's the time it takes too to get to the dealer during work hours, waiting, getting a replacement car etc, etc. But your dealer said they checked it out and it still isn't working, then it's their problem too. We pay alot of money for our Smax's so we should get our money's worth.
  3. Success - :P Replacing the lower brake light bulb on a Ford Smax is far easier than on first inspection. As the owners manual states both panel covers beside the brake light need to be removed but what the manual doesn’t tell you is that a grey plastic foam panel behind the larger panel must also be removed (careful as it is easy to tare). This comes out easily as there no clips etc holding it in. Now two white plastic wing nuts should be visible both behind the small panel. The first wing nut is accessed via the small panel opening, and the second wing nut is accessed via the much large opening once the large plastic foam panel is removed. The wing nuts once unscrewed come away (i.e. do not stay in place) so be careful you don’t lose them into the interior of the wing. The whole lamp must now be removed. This is very easily achieved by gently pushing on the wing nut screws you have just exposed. Once the lamp unit is free on the exterior, the short electric cable to it, needs to be disconnected by pressing on the top release. To expose the bulbs, the single screw on the bulb holder needs to be removed. The brake bulb is a 380 12V 21/5W. Price €3.70 for a pair in Halfords. Take care not to touch the bulb when inserting. Follow these instructions in reverse order to replace the unit.
  4. The washers on my Smax have frozen up quite a bit during this Artic spell but have always freed up and back to nornal after a general thaw. However during the cold snap I noticed that after considerable drive when I would have expected the washers to thaw out due to engine heat - it hadn't - granted the external temp was minus all the time. My washers have returned to normal now - so I would say if the ambient temp in your area is 5 and + and you are not getting a full spray, then something else is going on. Are you still under warranty?
  5. That add got heavy air-time this side of water. Never was convinced about the silicone repair - felt it was an appeasement to the insurance companies (who don't like paying out for anything). Yeah it must slow the crack growing but man it's got to be just as distracting.
  6. I'm trying to replace a brake bulb on Smax (left side). Manual shows 2 splendidly accessible wingnuts. In reality, I would need a real life monkey to access the lower wingnut. One tiny opening through metal. Has anyone tried and succeeded in doing this?
  7. No, the element threads are too fine to see damaged ones with the naked eye. The steaming kettle has been recommeded to me. Yes I know of a repair job that left a gap in the windscreeen glue allowing air to whistle up into the cabin. But my experience has been good.
  8. Most insurers now have windscreen cover included on a standard policy , check your policy or with insurer - if so you can get it replaced FOC (free of charge). Autoglass is the place to go (I have no connection) they stock ford heated windscreens. Just be sure you check the elements after fitting to make sure none are damaged - especially in drivers line of vision (use a steaming kettle to test) - if it's bad Autoglass should replace.
  9. Thanks, Still love the look of it but it did take a while to get used to a diesel at the beginning -lots of cutouts in 1st gear (didn't help that the car had to go back to get a gommet replaced in the dash/engine bulkhead to stop diesel smell getting into cabin ). All in all it was a big step from a Mondeo MK1 but there are aspects of the old boy I do miss (1st gear being one of them) Why the Smax? Guess the car was aimed directly at me, 2 kids but not willing to throw the towel in just yet plus loved the styling from the get go.
  10. Hi, New to this as well. Haven't experienced this persistent whining but know it from accelerating at high speed (motorway) - it is quite loud. Always assumed it was the turbo. The problems I have found are: Faulty indicator switch (leading to parking lights coming on of own accord when the engine is off - potential battery drainer - and motorway hazard as indicators again could come on of own accord - it is a known problem and got it replaced under warranty. Other issue is how farcically difficult it is to change rear break bulbs -has any one succeeded?? Please let me know
  11. Hi, Finally snow free but water restrictions now - one thing after the other :( . But hey the driving is less scary Reply to "Hello and welcome to foc hows ireland"
  12. Hi Everyone, Just joined. :D Have an Smax (2007, 1.8 TDCI LX) l since nearly new. Looking forward to posting some technical topics and talking to other users.