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  1. hi is there a difference between a mk3 driveshaft to a mk4 driveshaft apparently my fiesta 1.8 dlx mk4 has a mk3 driveshaft fitted any one no. cheers davy
  2. Hi there my father inlaw is having the same problem with remote could you please send me an email burnsydavid@yahoo.co.uk regards Davy
  3. Hi take the car for a drive about 5-10 miles, temp gauge reading over half way. cheers davy
  4. Hi just noticed when my car engine gets warm the electric fan doesent kick in, ive got a 1.8dlx fiesta mk4. any one had this problem. cheers davy.
  5. Hi mate i can still rev the car it lasts a few minets
  6. Hi does any one no were abouts the engine stop solenoid is on mk4 fiesta deisel 1.8. regards Davy
  7. Hi all just new here i have a problem i have a mk4 fiesta deisel 1.8 dlx, i start my car engine runs fine when i come to take the key out the engine still runs, can any one help. cheers davy