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  1. Amazingly I never got round to sorting this..anyone know the MM size so I can order some?
  2. Realised I'm missing some no from various times I think from servicing, does anyone know the size of the nut covers for the older style 17" ( spanner) style alloys?
  3. Be interested in this as well alot, like a cool white for a change, any chance you could give a difficulty rating to changing the relevant bulbs?
  4. Lol, oh dearie me, hence why I asked the question, as you can get DRL Fogs now. Its almost like you came in with a chip on your shoulder, didn't explain, made assumptions and know nothing about me or what I do. Teach rather then preach.
  5. Yet everything I have asked for is perfectly legal and al well in tolerance of normal lumins and will be fitted accordingly at all the appropriate down angles. You donr seem upset about the constant query for HID kits being retro fitted to cars. And yes, its always something I consider, its why I have came back to this site over the years for advice, as I have been side blinded alot by mis aligned bulbs and HIDs
  6. So I shouldn't use fog lights in heavy spray roads and..well, fog or mist!? There is literally no tangible connection between what bulbs I have in the car, unless illegal, and how well I drive. Also, this from the sig filled with a list of high performance fords, I can only assume you never drove them fast and always stayed at 70 on ever motorway.
  7. Lol.....erm....what!????? I'm not talking about rear fog lightw being on unless needed. And how, how how is there any connection with any light and driving technique lol
  8. Umm, so you also have them in you sig, is this allowed, forum recommendations from community reps!!!????
  9. This isn't a dealer, this is a private mechanic ive been going to for years. Any good links for fog light and side light led replacements?
  10. Yes, he implied its something he is saying is a problem over all, he said if you think about how many times you are tuning the bulb on for just passing a shadow aor going under a small bridge and running on off all the time, he also said imagine all the times you don't think about it and its doing it. Hence I Was thinking of changing the Fog lights to LED and jstu leave them on all the time, not sure on that legally though? ANy good replacement recommendations?
  11. Cheers guys, hoping it just the Fuse then, was told to drop a 15 watt fuse in to help last longer.
  12. Well, happened to go down to book the car in for service etc. Said to the Mech, first thing he said before I asked anything else was "Automatic Headlights mate?".....I said yes, he kinda laughed and said those systems are killing bulbs in every car that has them. Any good recommendations for LED side lighs and Fog lights ( I read elsewhere on the site, that the Fog lights are easy enough to get to if you turn the wheels out etc?...This true? Also like a good Boot LED, if it makes any difference to the small bulb that comes as standard? The Discount code on Page on here doesn't work at Autobulbs by the way.
  13. Must be only about a year, always bought top Osram or Phillips. Always wearing clean latex gloves when handling.
  14. So, after buying Adaptor USB adaptor, I've realised the whole socket is not working. I realise this could be the fuse ( anyone know a replacement?). Also, is it liking their is physical damage to the socket itself, its barely been used, so don't see how that's possible, and of so, how easy is it to replace?
  15. So, once again I'm having to get another yet of H7s, yet again the left one has gone out, is there a known fault for the left head light?