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  1. Cool will take a look. You dont also happen to know where I would get an Edge style top tray that would go where the housing would sit for the main screen do you? lol
  2. Think ill need to see what unit you mean, as after seeing the breakdown for it it reall wasnt very good in terms of quality.
  3. Even for after market 6'5 compontent speakers in the front and a Sub output for the back?
  4. Still looking to go ahead with it as Im more concerned about sound over looks to be honest *S* Thing is there is definitely some better looking conversions, seen some that sit the screen up alittle more and people using the original " cheap" looking back tray and removing the original screen panel altogether. ***** hard to find them though!
  5. That good to know..was hard to tell from some diagrams, awsome that means I can take everything apart and do a complete install!
  6. Hey, does anyone who has done this, or know of,if I swap out the original headunit for a new aftermarket one, what all impact that could have on the steering controls? Not so much worried about the volume buttons, but things like Cruise control etc.
  7. Looks awful to me personally.
  8. Maybe give my solution a drove me crazy...I went full lab coat on it lol. Just get some thing card, enough to sit in the join between the plastic and the window, and tray various points, Mine was occurring towards the roof point, since doing that....never a noise again.
  9. I realise this is a bit old, but I discovered the rattle actually happens from the plastic trim on the piller hitting against the windscreen, nut under the pillar itself, if you try with a thin cardboard pieces and place them along where the plastic meets the windscreen and try that first.
  10. Battery has died and I cant get the boot to open, is there a manual release?
  11. Short story, but found some Alpine 5x7 Speakers I forgot I had, is their any way these can be used in my current Mk7?
  12. Didn't realise there where a thing, but looking theres a load to choose from, anyone any experience etc, good makes?
  13. Hmmm might leave it then and get a universal arm rest, as I do sit with the seat forward a bit.
  14. Is this possible like the idea of having the arm rest and cup lights etc, dimensions look about the same, but wondered about lighting and also assumed the power output, Aux/ USB is one plug connection? Anyone any experience with this?
  15. Amazingly I never got round to sorting this..anyone know the MM size so I can order some?