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  1. Sluggish and slow

    no it was fine when i bought it - its only recently the lack of speed has happened. I didnt do anything to the car or drive it badly to make it sluggish.
  2. Sluggish and slow

    Hi all Ive got a 1995 1.3 Fiesta Sapphire which i recently bought. It was fine for the first couple of weeks but has since started making an annoying whistling noise whilst revving and it is very sluggish getting from 30-60 mph. Its not the clutch slipping - i had that replaced today. I dont know whats causing it to be so slow. Sometimes when im trying to speed up the car judders back and forth, and it takes at least 20 seconds to speed up by 10 or 15 mph. its far too slow for a 1.3 please help!