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  1. Unlocking

    This option is available on all MK2s I believe (i've enabled it on my 05 Ghia anyway). You press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons for about 5 seconds. it will then flash and might make a noise. keep doing this to switch between the modes :)
  2. Heated Front Screen

    Mine does the same - i've assumed it stays on until it thinks it's clear and then turns off? In wintery weather it's stayed on for longer
  3. Really annoying problem

    I didn't notice much, BUT i noticed the noise on the motorway and pulled over straight away, saw the problem and went straight to the garage :) I think it was the rear bit (back box!?)
  4. Really annoying problem

    I had a similar noise and ended up being the muffler (i think thats the right word) in the exhaust was coming out, ended up having to have that section of exhaust replaced and was fine. Could be same
  5. Blower fan problem

    I had a similar problem with my old fiesta. Not sure if it's the same, but the fiesta had a key wire for the blowers run under the carpet in the passenger footwell. Not the best idea as it happened time to time that the wire (which had a join in it) came apart so you had to fiddle around to get it back together. Have a look there and see if that's happened. It was to the right of the passenger footwell.
  6. Parrot Instalation Advice

    I found that it worked best pluggint the radio in last, as you could position the cabling loom with quadlock adapter a bit easier. Could have been fluke of course. Make sure you've got the aerial connected before fitting, as I managed to fit mine in to find radio didnt work cos I hadnt reconnected the antennae :( back to the start. Has anyone found a way of securely attaching the screen to dashboard? Mine keeps unsticking, so need to find soemthing sticky enough
  7. Parrot Instalation Advice

    I've just fitted a Mki9100 to my 05 plate Focus Ghia and can say it was the biggest pain ever! I may have got a larger than usual quadlock adapter as it did seem excessively big but replacing the radio took an age. I put teh screen just above the radio (wire comming between surround and dash, looks quite neat I think. I also put the mic above the rear view mirrior, taking it along the top, down the passenger bulk head and behind glove box. Can't really tell it's there either. :)