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  1. Accessory Socket Output

    Does anybody know how many watts I can draw from the accessory socket on the MK6.5 Fiesta? I'm looking at getting an inverter to charge my laptop in the car but its a beast of a laptop and need to know if the socket can handle the power draw. Thanks in advance!
  2. Someone's Pranged My Fiesta

    Rang the nearest main dealer and they've quoted me £335 for a ready painted replacement. Somebody on eBay does the genuine painted Ford ones for £240. Will try a few breakers yards on the off chance and then decide. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Someone's Pranged My Fiesta

    We went to a car boot this morning and when I got back to the car there is 3 cracks in the back bumper, one big one covering most of the bumper and two smaller ones underneath, I can only assume somebody reversing out of their space opposite hit it. They haven't left there details on the car and its a big field so no CCTV so I'll have to foot the bill. Can this be repaired or am I going to have to get a replacement? Thanks in advance, Graeme
  4. 2007 Fiesta - Damage Repair?

    Hi all, At the end of November I purchased a 2007 Fiesta from Evans Halshaw near Leeds. Whilst hoovering the boot out today I thought the carpet felt a bit damp. I'd lifted it up when we bought the car but not pulled it out completely. When I've pulled it out completely today there's a lot of water in underneath the spare wheel, but also a large patch on the right hand side as well as some kind of seal all the way around, please see the pictures below. My car knowledge isn't great, so for all I know the patch and seal might be how it came out of the factory but I thought I'd seek futher advice here. Look forward to any replies offered. Regards, Graeme