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  1. Hi alz, No I did not lose power. Regards, TECHY7. P.S. Sorry alz not sure if you were asking me as your question appeared in my Inbox. If you were not I apologize. TECHY7.
  2. Hi artscot79, Thanks for the info. Yes I am aware that I could get the cluster replaced for £99, but I had taken my cluster out and repaired it before all the publicity on television (Watchdog, RAC Forum etc;) and it has been okay since. I was also concerned about the mileage being incorrect after a new cluster has been fitted. I did take photographs just as a mattetr of interest. Regards, Techy7.
  3. Hi, I have had both problems ie; problems with the DASH and problems with the VSS. My car is a 03 Focus 1.6 Ghia (petrol) The problem with the dash seems to effect this year mainly, and the prolems I had with it were not confined to just the speedo, and were caused by corrosion of the VIAs on the printed circuit board starting to corrode. The problem with the VSS and the thing I think is most likely your problem, will effect the speedo and the radio, in my case both would suddenly increase then drop back down again to normal. The reason the radio increases is because the VSS sends a signal to the ECU which in turn sends a control signal to the radio's volume control circuit, the idea being the faster the car goes the more road noise etc; is generated so the radios volume is turned up to compensate, and vise-versa. The VSS is not a big job to replace but it is slightly difficult to get at. Hope this helps. Regards, Techy7.
  4. Hi, Had the same problem. No it's not a manufacturers recall and it's a bit more than just fitting the seal that Ford supply. There is a modified scuttle cover plate, which if you look on the back of it you will see there is a longer pollen filter cover than on the original cover plate, this allows the water to drip off clear of the filter. There is a kit that Ford supply which includes the new cover, the seal and pins for fitting the new cover. I can't remember the part number, but it's such a common problem Ford will know the kit. hope this helps. Regards, Techy7.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure about the bubbling/gurgling sound, but the rest of your fault description sounds very similar to the problems I was having when my coil first started to break down. I checked with my fault code reader and I also did resistance readings of the Primary and Secondary windings of the coil, none of which showed up any fault. The problem was not cleared however until a new coil was fitted. Hope this may help. Regards, Techy7.