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  1. Any Tools/tips On Changing The Oil Filter

    The best tool I have found is a hand held grip made out of plastic. It looks like a question mark in shape and has a grip rather like a claw that moves upwards inside of the question mark shape if you know what I mean when you squeeze the trigger. If I can find one on the internet I will post a link. Chain type tools always seem to slip and if you don't have a ready made tool try a good old leather belt and buckle and make sure the filter casing is dry. You will need to attach a lever to the belt ie stick, screwdriver, and twist to get a grip. I have often done this in the past. Failing that, put some newspaper down and put a thick screwdriver through the filter and turn work it loose slowly, not the best way but it usually works OK.
  2. Has anyone replaced a diesel fuel filter on a Ford Focus? If so, what are the steps? Do's and Dont's as I fancy doing this myself. Many thanks.
  3. Intermittent Stop & Start-Rear Wiper

    Thanks DAM 13N Did you have to pull off the battery leads before you removed the relay? read somewhere that this is necessary? Thanks
  4. I have a 2004 Focus TDCi, Zetec with an ever increasing intermittent rear wipe. Starts and then stops half way through the cycle. I think it may be the relay and if it is will have to replace. 1. Is this relay under the dashboard, how easy is to get at? 2. Can you just pull them out? 3. How much do they cost approx? Many Thanks