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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the advice guys. Don't get me wrong here but no matter how big a Ford fan I may be (I have driven Mondeos for the past 8 years with no gear problems) - I can't help feeling a little depressed and cheated after spending the best part of £15k on a car that regularly doesn't go into reverse properly!? :( Why the dealer changed a perfectly good new clutch I do not know. Does the grinding do any damage because I don't want to be forking out for a new gearbox in a few years time? It sounds horrendous - you should see the looks of horror from bystanders who think you don't know how to drive (and I've been driving 21 years in dozens of other cars without experiencing this problem!). It's particulary bad if you have the sound system on as you can then hardly hear it inside, it feels in reverse and is moving slowly but you soon know its grinding from the startled looks from people wincing nearby! I'll try the 5 second workaround to see if this works but this is a major downer on what is otherwise an excellent car.
  2. My Fiesta Titanium 1.6 purchased in Nov 09 has an intermittent problem of selecting or engaging reverse gear (since the day I purchased it). It fails to engage and the gears grate every few attempts. All other gears are ok. I have sent it in to the dealer and they have agreed there is a problem and they replaced the clutch after only 900 miles. A week later and the problem is still there. Reading up on the Web I have come across several posts of other people having the same problem. Apparently the Fiesta does not have a synchro for reverse and this is a design issue according to some posts? Some sufferers have resigned themselves to living with the issue. The regular grating of gears when trying to reverse can’t be doing any good ? Do I need a new gearbox? Is this a problem with all mk7 Fiestas (I doubt it or more people would be complaining) or is it just a few bad gearboxes?