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  1. I love the red interior, I'd be pretty tempted to get that done to mine :P
  2. Ouuuch! something similar happened to me nearly a year ago, i was only 3rd party fire & theft though so had to get it fixed, the other person drove off!! M3 drivers, hate them!! aha cost me about £1600 in total :/ Main thing is your alright thought mate! If you have a look around you might be able to get it fixed on the cheap?
  3. Wouldn't, woops aha
  4. NFU?! when i rung them up they said they would insure anyone under 21 -.- dam them!!!
  5. not a clue haha, i could have got it cheaper with admiral but i thought aviva would be better if i had an accident or something
  6. Try Aviva, im 18 got a 1.6 tdci and im paying £1200 :) 1 years no claims
  7. Yeah you can, you see the little button in the middle of the camera that switches it on and off :D By camera I meant rear view mirror, oops aha
  8. I want to get some black alloys for mine, maybe some Rota Grid then paint the spokes black and the outter bit red, not too sure though. Probably never happen just a dream :( Think Black is the only way to go though on a red car Though
  9. Really good, once you get used to it, everything looks far away then it quickly gets really close. So good for reverse parking though I'd recommend it to anyone buying a new fiesta, also it's pretty cool!!
  10. Really? should you declare painted alloys? what is this world coming to!! aha
  11. No it doesn't the front badge has a few little flaps behind it which are bent on to hold it, the rear is stuck on and also has a plastic bit sticking out the back so you get it exactly in the right place, oh and I wouldn't bother trying to take the rear off, it's such a pain!!
  12. Nooo not a chance, came out of the local cafe, looked kind of cool haha sad I know Would never put my car through a car wash, friend of mine took her fiesta through one, ripped the wing mirror of and made some of the paint flake of, she was not best pleased
  13. Sorry it's taken so long, busy busy weekend ;) Just a few others of my baby too... I'll get some of the leather seats sometime this week, when I can find a good camera aha
  14. Haha, I'm 18 I have to give off the impression of a barry boy, I wouldn't fit in with anyone around my way if not :(
  15. Theres an option on the audio menu where you can set it to change when our speed changes, I can't remember the name of it. Personally I have it turned off, 30 is the only level I have mine at :P Sorry didn't read the whole thing ;) mine changes on the display though, have you had it in for a service and they might have updated the software or something?