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  1. Slow and Sluggish when using air con

    I found that when i have the air con on and at standstill requires the accelerator flat on the floor to move the car. I'm sure i never had to do that. I even found it struggling on slight hills with the air con on as well. surely if it only take a small amount of performance away from the car, it shouldn't be really effecting it up hills and from standstill?? My car is a 1.4 zetec climate 05 reg
  2. Hi i have a 05 reg fiesta Zetec climate. I have been noticing that when i'm using my air con, the car seem toi lack power and seem to be really sluggish. Is this a common problem, as i'm sure the car never used to be like this when i first got it 2 years ago i have changed spark plugs and also the air filter. would i need to take the car to a dealership to check its E.C.U/ comments much appriciated