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  1. 1975 Mk2 Escort Diff

    Hello all , Does anyone know what Ratio a standard Differential from a 1975 1100cc Mk2 Escort would be?, Any info would be much apprecieated, Cheers, Chris.
  2. Mk2 Escort diff (pinto conversion)

    Many thanks for the info - Chris.
  3. Hi, Im currently fitting a 205 block pinto & type 9 five speed gearbox into my Mk2 Escort. Just wondering does anyone know if the original diff will be strong enough to take the 2.0 pinto (the car was originaly a 1100cc crossflow), Im using an RS2000 propshaft, Just not sure about the diff. Any info would be great. Thanks - Chris
  4. Mk6 Escort brake bleeding problem

    Hi, Changed the flexi pipe & the fluid came through straight away. Brakes are now working fine. Thanks again - Chris.
  5. Mk6 Escort brake bleeding problem

    Thanks for your reply, Yes the caliper was changed because it was binding on. The caliper had got so hot that the rubber seals around the piston had started to burn & the fluid in the caliper was black. I will check the join between the metal & flexi pipes for fluid. Thanks again for the info - Chris.
  6. Hi, Just changed the driver's side front brake caliper on my friends Mk6 Escort 1.6 16v, Now for some reason there is no brake fluid coming through the brake pipe / flexi, Even when the bleed valve on the caliper is fully open the brake pedal is still hard & doesn't drop to the floor. Could there be a safety valve fitted somewhere to stop the car losing brake fluid?, Any ideas?, Cheers - Chris.