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  1. Starter Motor

    Went out to my 51 plate mk3 mondeo 2.0 petrol and i was getting the clicking noise from the starter motor what is the easiest way of changing the stater motor ? thanks in advance
  2. Reversing Lights

    Cheers guys i'll try that
  3. Hi all i was wondering if anyone could help me the reversing lights on my mk3 51 mondeo lx 2.0 petrol i've tried the obvious fuses bulbs but still not working Thanks Paul
  4. Mid-Cheshire Ford

    There is a small group of ford owners just started in the mid-cheshire area if anybody is interested in joining here is a link to their site
  5. FOC Stickers

    Are these stickers still available if so i would like one for my puma thanks :D
  6. Dashboard Dials

    I will try that out cheers Paul
  7. is wondering how to reset the dials on my dashboard

  8. Dashboard Dials

    i came out to my puma after it as sat on my driveway for the last couple of months turned the ignition key just got a click i gave the car a little push and it started but my speedo and rev counter flipped right round the dial and have stayed there any suggestion how to resolve thanks Paul