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  1. Spent a day on the father in law's mk2 after a garage left his with a damaged lock. Took the underbody shield off, dropped the radiator from the bottom, pushed (carefully!) the screws up through the uper rad shield and even got the grill out without damaging it or the car. Got me nowhere and it took a garage with a pit or ramps 30 mins to sort out. £60 including the part, which we took round to the first garage to reimburse. Good luck. You could do it yourself but the cut knuckles ain't worth it and the washer bottle won't stay full for long.
  2. Check the metal seams on the rear pillars, still drying mine out after finding a tiny 2mm gap where the metal is tacked together. Leak gone now with silicon sealant, and the wheel well doesn't look like a small pond. Mine's a saloon but you may have same problem as me.
  3. Some of the new ST parts will fit yours. Rear fogs tail lights are nice and understated. K&N panel for £35. Don't drop more than 35-40mm though otherwise the already good handling will be messed with then the toe in/toe out (tracking) on your wheels will leave you needing new tyres sooner than you'd like. Good luck with it and don't forget the before and after pics. Paul
  4. Think about getting it done before 80k, I lost 2 Mondeos to tensioner failures (same engines as the Focus) after I put off belt changes for "just another month or so". Both of these had complete belts when I stripped them down. Belt is £45-50.