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  1. Newbie Saying Hi

    It's taken me since june 2010 but I would do it all over again
  2. Newbie Saying Hi

    When I bought the mk1 And as it stands now
  3. Focus Running Problem

    Timing belt is fine.
  4. Focus Running Problem

    Hi I'm new hear and looking for some info/help I've got a 03 focus and when I was driving the other nite my engine management light flashed a few times then went off and the car started running funny. I got it trailered to a local garage there is now error code showing. And it idles but when you rev it it's missing. There is no compression on number 4 and there is 2 bent valves and spark plug is black. Could any one tel me what could of corsed the problem or how much it would cost to fix. Any help/info would be much appreciated Thanks Martin.
  5. Newbie Saying Hi

    Hi I'm Martin I'm new here have had a few fords mk4 fiesta mk5 fiesta zetec s and my current fords a are my mk1 fiesta project and a focus