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  1. Mk4 n/s lamp Kaput

    Cmon guys some help this post is getting lost down the line anyone have any ideas please
  2. Mk4 n/s lamp Kaput

    Hi guys Looking for a little help if you can. Relaced a headlight bulb the other day On checking it out afterward the whole lamp seems to be Kaput The indicator, side light and headlight do not work I have checked the fuse's in both box's and all are OK anyone any ideas here is it a new lamp I looking at here I did notice the socket that you plug the loom into on replacing the lamp unit was pushed right into the lamp unit. and I had to pull this out to connect the plug, could this have caused soem damage is there anyway, to see if the loom is working If I took the other lamp out and plugged it in that side are the looms wired so they could work on both lamps or would the plug differ either side