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  1. I had exactly the same problem & mine was sorted by replacing the anti roll bar bushes.
  2. Mk7 Fuel Cap

    Yes, I had the same problem. Reported it when the car went in for it's first service & they adjusted it slightly (it seemed off centre) & greased up the black rubber bit. Seems ok now.
  3. Front suspension problems - MK7

    It's interesting that 2 of you have had the suspension arms replaced. My car was back in the garage yesterday and they have now acknowledged that there is a problem. They've greased up every rubber part on the suspension & it's still making the noise over speed humps, they even compared it with another Fiesta. It's going back again next week for them to have yet another look & I think I'll mention about the suspension arms.
  4. Front suspension problems - MK7

    Well I went back to the gargage this morning and supposedly I have a dry bush It's going back in next week for them to rectify it and have another look. The thing I don't get is why I've had this done 3 times in just over a year's ownership. Is it a manufacturing or design issue?
  5. Front suspension problems - MK7

    My 58 plate has had this problem for nearly a year now. Been in the garage twice and they've "greased" up parts of the suspension (sorry it's not very technical) and that cured the problem for a short time. Unfortunately I then had an arguement with a pot hole last week & the noise from the passenger side suspension when going over any size speed hump is a horrid crunching/grinding noise. It's going back to the garage tomorrow to get checked out.