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  1. both tdci
  2. motorway with bit of town.
  3. Hi, Considering buying a mk2 foci 1.8 or 2.0 tdci. Can you advise which to get please.. based on reliability / which stronger / better to map faults.. Thanks
  4. ok may leave it alone then lol but would it make any difference?
  5. Ive just noticed that on the air intake behind the grill there's like an air plate in front of the actual pipe - I assume this stops water going in and leaves etc.. But if this was removed and a 90 degree pipe put on (tie wrapped to the grill) would this make any difference?
  6. Am from .. here lol
  7. Hi thought i'd start off by showing you all my car :) a 1.6 16v mk3.5 fiesta Si Also just been looking at afew posts and i think this site may help for people with fiestas.. im a moderator of this site and its all about the guides to mod/improve/fix your car. (pics mostly from fiesta in the park 08 ) Recently added a laguna splitter steve :)