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  1. Heated Front Windscreen

    Hi, Quick question, my front heated windscreen only works on the passenger side. Does anyone know if this problem should come down to a windscreen replacement company or should be something that a ford dealer should look at? has anyone come across this as a common problem before? Regards, Daniel
  2. Dashboard Tripometer Light

    Is it right for the Dashboard Tripometer Light to remain brightly lit even when the car is not in use, mine does this and it just seems odd that it should remain lit all night when I'm not using the car. Anyone know if this is right and why it is?
  3. 2 Questions

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the site, so hello all ! Finally I'm part of the Ford world and so far loving it ! I bought a Ford Focus titanium this week (3 years old) and have a couple of questions. Firstly the volume console attached to the steering wheel feels a little loose, any idea on how this can be tightened? Second question is to ask if the model car I have (2 litre 2005 - focus titanium) has a timing belt or is it chain driven? Many thanks :)