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  1. Cycle Carrier

    Thanks for the info, already booked on Brittany ferries with rear cycle carrier not for a minute thinking we couldn't get one!! Seems we will have to go for roof bars or no cycling on holiday. Conham50
  2. Cycle Carrier

    Please help.We need a cycle carrier for a 5 door hatchback (09)mondeo, unable to find one that fits a 09 plate.Tried halfords,internet ect.If you own a hatchback and fitted a cycle rack please can you give me details.thanks conham50
  3. What happened to

    Just to let all SMAXOC members know that there is a problem at the data centre where the servers are based. HP are on site and are trying to restore the SAN which is the source of the problem. Fingers crossed for better news today.conham50
  4. What happened to

    the forum is currently offline for maintenance. We will be back soon... conham50
  5. S-Max Rear Door Design Fault

    nathan,try S-MAX Owners Club Forum they might have the answers.conham50
  6. conham50

  7. What happened to

    Hello,also a regular.If you go to google.type in s max owners club you will find a statement.Hope this helps.conham50