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    my rs has got 1.8 zvh bottom end, crowns skimmed 0.1mm, new piston rings and bearings, seals throughout, stage 1 big valve head, burton power 285t cam, vernier pully, t3 garret turbo, -31 collins group A actuator, cozi fuel pump, alloy radiator, alloy front mount intercooler, beige 701 injectors, escort cozi uprated fuel pressure regulator, ofac ecu with chip, bailey swirl pot, cone air filter (universal), 4" Scorpian full stainless system, group A felpro head gasket, arp head bolts, lsd box, baily dumpvalve, baily swirl pot & catch tank, skimmed flywheel, ap racing fast road organic clutch uprated to 350bhp it made 228.1 at 6138rpm max power with 221.4 max torque at wheels
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    what u want to know buddy like the spec and that of the car
  3. Fiesta Mk5 Footwell Leak

    hay does your heaters still work because my carpet got wet in my mk3 rs fez and it was because the heeter matrix had packed in and when i used to go round a corner water used to come out of it just a sugestion :)
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    hello im a new member iains the name. im from dumfries and galloway and i have got a fiesta m3 zvh rs turbo and my daily drive is an escort mk 6 td