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  1. Cheers mate, just phone up my local dealer then and they said they would fix it for £99 on Monday which is great news. They didnt mention anything about diagnostic tests so hopefully I will not be charged for any extras. Hope this helps someone else with the same problem Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi Lads I have been having a problem with my display lights appearing on my dashboard for no apparent reason. First my ABS light, then my Handbrake light and now my Airbag light. I have read in various places that it is a common fault with a 53 plate Ford Focus. I heard watchdog once done a program a while back (back in 2008) about the problem and Ford agreed to replace the Instrument Cluster for £99. I just wanted to know if any one has had the problem recently and if Ford would still offer a replacement for £99. I will phone up when I get a chance, but have a feeling they will try to charge me the full whack at around £500. At the moment it is not too bad of a problem, but I have heard it gets worse and eventually effects the speedometer and mileage. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers