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  1. Shock Absorber Help

    Bolt arrived today as promised, spot on mate, I will definitely be coming back to you in the future :) Thans again!
  2. Shock Absorber Help

    No worries, can i order and pay with paypal somehow? Need to get this before a long journey this weekend...
  3. Shock Absorber Help

    That was quick! Cheers... Had a look at your website but it says the shop is down for maintenance, will it be back up tomorrow?
  4. Shock Absorber Help

    Hi all, I have a 1999 Focus Zetec, the rear driverside shock absorber has somehow lost it's bottom bolt... Does anyone know what size bolt I need to replace this? Any help much appreciated...
  5. Bought this last Friday!

    It's a bit dirty cos I took it for a drive but I can't be more pleased with it!