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  1. Thanks mintalkin, it worked a treat. I'll be able to do my 400mile journey home alone with music now, Thanks again. cuz
  2. Hi Guys, I disconnected my Stereo to try to fit an X-carlink and now need to put a code in, Can anybody help me? my serial code is M006709 & its a grey 6000CD. Thanks Andy
  3. Hi folks, I'm new here so would like to say a BIG HELLO! I'm Andy, am on my 2nd Mondeo and have had Fords all my driving miles. I live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. I am currently in Oban, Scotland, have taken my 6000cd out to try to fit an X-carlink and now my stereo is asking for my code, I not home till next week and the 400mile journey going to be even longer with no stereo, is there any chance anybody could help me out with a code??? my serial no is : M006709 Thanks in advance, Andy