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  1. Happy Birthday Slugsy!

  2. Problem With Alternator

    i'm sure mine came out the top on my 1998 focus i used to have??
  3. Booster Worth It?

    send us a link and we'll check it....but initially i'd say no as most "plug and play" devices dont work and if they do they fool the cars ECU (wont go in to detail too much) then significantly reducing the cars life
  4. New Focus Owner Looking For Help!

    Hi Jade welcome to the forum. Yours drinks ST170 gets abou 23-25mpg at the mo with the weather!! The original stereo is easily removeable with a set of releasing pins available from halfords etc...or do what i've done before just use a few small alan keys!! Thats then slides out. Unplug it buy a loom converter approx £15 once again from halfords along with a fascia plate adaptor which then "shirnks" the standard ford size to the smaller single din size. These are also about £10-£15. I think you may need an antenna adaptor which is £4.99 too. Then fit the new radio cage, plug in new radio, test it before you push it in place, tune a station in turn the car off completely keys out ignition. Then start the car. If it held its memory then all good if it doesnt change the red and yellow cable around on the radio loom. As for the rear screen heater element being out i do belive there are repair kits available for them but never used them so dont know how good they are. Depending on the dent someone like chips away may be able to remove it...failing that if its quite bad it'd be a new wing. Slug
  5. Trailer Wiring

    hi mate so run it by me again. What is it your acutally after?? I dont think that the car's wiring is canbus all the way to the lighting unit. I believe its canbus to a point where it enters a canbus conversion box then outto normal wiring. Slug
  6. Average Mpg

    i'd go with the black armrest. never thought to search for one of those. Miss mine out my leon cupra and wouldnt mind putting another in my focus!! Hmmm if the air filter was that dirty then it might pay to replace to plugs too along with a nice drop of decent oil and oil filter. Maybe even change the fuel filter.
  7. Average Mpg

    Sorry didn't mean it personally mate but me and artscot are a regular poster and like he said this question has cone up god knows how many times in the last few month or so. Artscot has said everythin I would have said but once again sorry and welcome to the club.
  8. Stiff Gear Stick

    I'll use White grease got tons at work! It seems to go into gear fine it just feels stiff as it's stiff just moving it side to side!! Another reason why I don't think it's clutch is that the car has only done 59k and there isn't any problems with the fly wheel either!
  9. Average Mpg

    People really need to start using the search button on this forum. the site is going to get clogged up with the same thing. 39 is respectable. You've gone from a derv to petrol so you will instantly notice a difference. Think yourself lucky I get 25mpg. But what artscot said is right try to limit how much you top up by. Max really is 2/3. Hope everything else goes ok.
  10. Stiff Gear Stick

    Cheers mate thought as much. There seems to be a very very thin layer of grease on it but I mean a scraping quite literally!
  11. Stiff Gear Stick

    Hi all my gear stick seems to be a bit stiff and not as smooth as should be. It's stiff to the point that you can't jiggle it about to check it's in neutral unless you use quite some grip! I've had a look at the gear stick ball joint and it looks very clean so could be new so was wondering if they're ment to packed up with grease. I checked my mates 1.6 and his is the same. Any ideas at all.
  12. Focus St170 Clutches

    Has anyone got any idea where I can start to try and find an st170 clutch at a decent price. Looked on flea bay for performance ones and they're starting from £550 which I think is stupidly expensive. I've brought performance clutchs before for less than half that!! On another note maybe someone has one for sale?!
  13. St170 Issues

    Blidning result. Not often that you'll get a dealer foot the bill for another dealer! Just goes to show how much of a robbing bunch that the stealers are! And how un honest they can be! I have known a mechanic at ford to do a "service" and that involved changing the oil, cleaning plugs with wire brush and blowing air filter out with an air gun! Hence why i dont go to the garages anymore
  14. Rough Idle And Lpg Problem

    in relation the the rough idle going by what you've described with the noise in the air box it could be a cat on its way to blocking up! Also the idle drop when running on petrol could be something to do with a particular vacuum pipe it had weakened on the bend of the pipe and was collapsing when on idle...although sorry to not be much help i cant remember what one it is as your engine bay us different to my old one! As for the LPG its a very specific thing and i'd get it checked...a mate had many a problems with his and it turned out to be injectors constantly going down
  15. Lowering A Ka

    i'd have brought i fiesta instead lol just joking. Springs are usually found cheapeast on either a supplier on the forum or flee bay some where like that. Hid's are a good start maybe a better set of rims colour code the bumpers and mirrors. Remove side rubbing strips if it has them or paint them too. de badge front grill etc etc