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  1. Another Frozen White Blue Oval In The Drive

    Great pics of a great car Stephen showroom shine is the word - a credit to all your hard work Paul
  2. Mechanic Wanted

    Hi Sorry can't help but it has done well just to fail on these minor items should be inexpensive to put right depending on how much of the exhaust has failed Good luck Let us know how you get on
  3. New Problem With The Tdci

    Sounds like the glow plugs need replacing - a mechanic told me to use genuine Ford as they last much longer - you can test them first by removing them individually and hold them with well insulated pliers or similar and watch them glow when 12 v is attached - watch out though they do get hot - check them off the car as a faulty solenoid can also be the cause
  4. Can Redex Be Used On A Diesel Engine

    Used Millers diesel Sport 4 on my Mk3 Mondeo - up until it was sold at 88K miles - never had any problems Don't use it on my new Mk4 though as under warranty and manufacturer doesn't recommend additives - would use it again in the future though
  5. Mondeo Central Locking

    Sounds like it is in the rear door a little lubrication may help - remove dor card and plastic liner and have a look around should be obvious where to treat with a bit of WD40 or similar
  6. Front Coil Snapped & Tyre Blew!

    The last time a spring broke on mine it was £45 + labour - around an hour or so done by an independant
  7. If the EGR is caked then so will the inlet manifold.Easy to remove and clean you can get blanking plates for EGR but if yours has an electrical connection then a small hole will need to be drilled in the plate I'm surprised there are no warning lights if you have disconnected the EGR Using a cleaner like Millers diesel sport 4 will help it costs around £12 a bottle but treats nearly 9 Mondeo sized tanks full to the brim so economical in use
  8. Buying A Mondeo

    I've just sold my Mondeo TDCI with 90,000 miles had no problems at all - the only things replaced were service items, tyres & boot release switch and the only expensive item was the Dual Mass flywheel at over 80,000 miles this was £450 (worn out replaced by warranty company)I had the clutch changed while it was apart this cost £200. Other than that no problems- The Ford diesels are not any more problematic than any other cars just check Ebay they do galactic miles - if you base your choice on reading problem forums like this it just magnifies any minor problems. Buy a car and budget for an extended warranty mine cost less than £300 a year and covered all the expensive bits along with the non expensive parts, if you're buying a lower mileage car you can get a very good warranty I've bought a new Mondeo TDCI so I must think they're doing something right - the Mk4 is an exceptional car you get a lot for your money. I love it even more than the Mk3
  9. Courtesy Cars!

    I've got a Focus LX as a courtesy car at the moment, not a bad car great to drive - guess what - yes it had a thimble full of fuel when I collected it I can only assume they syphoned the fuel out before lending it to me - should I do the same
  10. Temp display

    Hi It's a bit time consuming - about 2 hours but straightforward Here's a guide showing how to replace the dials but the dismantling is the same http://fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/Fitting_Replacement_Dials_-_Mk3 Hope this helps Paul