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  1. very nice ! best of luck
  2. Hi Can anyone tell me the correct part number for ignition leads for a Focus 1.6 Duratec ti-VCT manufactured 7/05 I got Bosch Ignition Leads B208 put when I went to fit them they were too small for the coil and the plug . I had to resort to using the existing leads which is a Ford OEM leads they work fine. Is there a Ford part number for these leads that I can quote. Thanks Mike
  3. Hi Is there a cover/solution for a 16ti-VCT. I am having similar issues with water in the ports area? thanks
  4. Hi Many thanks to those who posted replies to my question. I finally got this solved a few months ago. The engine warning light was coming on coupled with the engine misfiring. The engine is a 1.6 ti-VCT. The camshaft sprockets were defective and had to be replaced. The spinning sound was caused by the pistons not being returned to their default position for starting.
  5. Interesting what was the solenoid issue?
  6. Hi folks I have a 1.6 ti-VCT Focus. There is a slight spinning sound in the engine it lasts about 1-2 seconds when starting up. It doesn't happen all the time perhaps 1 out of 4 instances of starting. Would anybody know what this is?