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  1. Many Thanks, got it howvever it was picking up engine noise, so I also had to buy a noise 3.5mm suppressor, but once fitted working 100% with no interference..... utv1uk...
  2. Does anyone know where to get, or who can send me an audio wiring diagram (including that for the DVD system) for the S-max?
  3. Hi tunnelrat, I too have been trying to get a solution to the DVD system, how / where do you connect into the DVD player output, if it is from a cable loom under the seat, do you know what cable colours etc you need to splice into?
  4. I am about to replace my tyres, the car was originally fitted with runflats, but the previous owner changed them to standard 'cheaper' tyres. The tyre pressure monitor has worked ok on the standrad tyres, but the ford garage cannot even tell me which ones they supply from the factory!!!!) Does anyone know which make and type of runflats are originally fitted to the 1.8 TDCI 6G Model - (Tyre size is 225/50R17) so that I can replace with the correct and / or recommended type / manufacturer.
  5. it was a blocked diesel fuel filter............ running 100% now.... cheers
  6. Has anyone had experience of the 2007 1.8 Diesel S-max chugging, and loosing power... (could not even overtake a lorry on the climbing lane going at 40 mph) across all gears (except 1st) above about 2000 revs? This has started with me after I drive the car for about 30 mins or more.... once the engine has warmed up. I have parked the car and am hoping to get it to a ford garage this week for diagnotic.
  7. Hi, can anyone tell if there is a fasia that will enable the newer curved DVD SatNav unit to be fitted to a early 2007 S-Max model which has the square type radio cd unit fitted (as pictured). My car also has the factory fitted DVD enertainment system below the seat and in headrests. I can get the older black square type DVD sat nav unit which will fit in with no problems (as per supplier) and only in BLACK, not silver. Also does anyone know if the newer curved 2008 onwards version (pictured) will slot in, and if the wiring connections are the same and compatible with the fitted entertainment system? Has anyone upgraded their S-Max like this?