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  1. That does sound a bit odd, have you checked inside the timing belt cover for any debris or foreign objects left behind when the tensioner split? Sounds like it may be a bit of tensioner or somthing being kicked up by the timing belt and getting thrown around inside the timing belt cover.
  2. Hi, normaly to remove the pipe there is a clamp between pipes, slacken the 2 nuts then i should come free. if it is seized then spray the joining area with wd40 and heat area with a heat gun (paint stripping gun) or even a blow torch if ur feeling brave. When its warm enough wiglle the pipe and it should come free
  3. comensing modification with GTI shocks :P hoping for good results

  4. Hi everybody! Iv just got hold of mk6 1.8GTI shocks both fron and rear. Will these fit to a standard mk6 1.6 finesse? I cant see why they wont seeing as both cars have identicle chassis, but i just need some expert reasurance so i can sleep easy before i pick em up
  5. cheers mate! I was thinking of cutting some of the bottom part of the surround away, do you know if anyone has mannaged to pull that method off?
  6. Hi there every one at FOC, My names jon and come from Gloucester and before any of you start asking... no im not a farmer! Iv just bought my 1st 1998 3dr Escort finesse 1.6, belive it or not this is my 1st ever ford to :D and compared to anything else iv owned it is just a fantastic mota, though maybe just a little under-powerd for a 1.6 zetec. But thats only another good excuse to get my hands dirty and have a fiddle under the bonnet fun fun fun! :P so i hope if any of you can give my some suggestions on what i can do to tweek my new baby it would be gtreatly appriciated. Many thanks jon (p**finger)
  7. When you say heater, do you mean when you have the heat on? or just the blower in general? If so its most likely the heater blower switch needs replacing, the contacts inside deteariate and will not last forever, especialy if the switch is used alot. If its not that then its a wiring problem or duff resistors which i doubt is the cause with a van as young as yours. hope this has helped
  8. Iv got the same problem with mine, i just ordered a 2din stereo off ebay and have just realised its about 9 mm short of fitting, have you had any luck with finding a fitting kit on the net? cheers! p**finger