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  1. Hi I have a whurring noise from my rear wheel. Strangely the noise stops when turning to the right. I jacked the car up and did the usual test for the bearing and could feel no movement in the wheel. I believe its my right rear wheel. When i spin the left wheel around there is no noise, however the right wheel is alot noiser than the left. Any ideas? is this a bearing issue? Thanks Darren.
  2. Windscreen Washer Not Working

    just tried sucking the pipe nothing coming through and nothing coming through when its removed from the jet sprays. pump gone or there is a blockage further down??? whats best thing to use to clean the pipes cheers
  3. Hi I have just bought a W Reg Ford focus 1.6 LX zetec. I noticed that the washer was not working so topped up the res. Nothing is coming through front or back but the pump is making a noise. The res filled up pretty quickly so i'm assuming there was already water in there. Any ideas or advice. Thanks