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  1. Just another thought have a look at the cooling off period don't know how legal it is but insure the car test it then cancel the policy. This is just a thought
  2. The only thing I can think of is lowest mileage as possible or temporary cover for a day when you do the mot why do you need to insure and test it if you don't use it
  3. I think the wipers should be the other way round cannot help with the rest
  4. Hi I could not see a question
  5. Try blanking the egr valve with a solid plate from eBay. Lenny on here has a good guide on how to do it. It will cost about £5
  6. Check your tires are at correct pressure then I would check wheels are balanced properly
  7. Cannot help but that made me chuckle
  8. Hi if you already have a tablet try Google drive you can just uploaded your documents
  9. Thanks I got them from euro parts with the reg number so they should be right I checked the length of them before I put them in and they were the same size. Thanks for putting my mind at rest
  10. Hi I changed the front springs because one of them snapped, but it looks a lot higher than it did before I changed them. If anyone with a mk2 focus 2 L diesel can measure the distance between the rim and top of the arch so I can compare. I have attached a photo Thanks Stu
  11. Sorry to see 1 less mk1 focus on the road
  12. Thank you stoney great help
  13. Hi I got a advisory but I don't know what it means from the sheet it says Nearside rear upper torque/reaction arm slightly corroded Can someone please show me which part it is and to fix it do need to replace it or can I remove the rust and paint over it My car is a mk2 focus Any help would be great
  14. At my local leisure center could have got a load more but weather was bad