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  1. Hi All, I bought my new Fiesta diesel 1.6 Econetic at the end of October 2009, having swapped it from a BMW 320i touring (29mpg and used more oil than petrol). I'm not usually an anal retentive but I started an Excel spreadsheet to check the mpg figures and I've found that I get between 55.2 and 59.6mpg with overall 56.8mpg over the first 4000 miles - I've a daily commute of 40+40 miles, town travel, A roads, dual carriageway. The spreadsheet tells me when the tank is likely to be empty -50 miles and I used that figure the other day only to find that the engine warning light came on and the car was a bit erratic to drive, luckily I was only a few hundred yards from a filling station and when I filled her up the warning light went off. There should have been 2.7L/30 miles of fuel left - maybe the outlet pipe from the fuel tank is a bit on the high side? Ed