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  1. check they havn't lost any pas fluid when doing the job or trapped a pas pipe restricting the fluid
  2. Remember you also have the carrier bearing for the driveshaft.....big bracket supporting the driveshaft with a bearing in the middle
  3. Sorry arthur the pennies was a chinese ford dealer you wonder they were cheaper!!!
  4. Thanks for the reply and good words arthur..... if I recall you only ever priced one part from me??? And if I'm honest I can well believe that you got your parts cheaper at your local dealer, the reason being..... the absolute nonsense that comes out of your mouth when you reply to some of the questions on here....the dealer probably gave you the parts at a loss to get you out of the shop asap and stop making their ears bleed Oh and may a suggest a dictionary or a spell checker as something on your christmas list Goodnight :)
  5. No we are still trading just not a paying trader on here for certain reasons so i dont post on here now Thanks Graham
  6. Use genuine items thats what they were made for....plugs
  7. glad u happy with your springs mate
  8. the locks are prone to tumbler wear...they can be refurbished and still work of the same key...u would need to remove and send with a key to be rebuilt...cost would be £15 per lock + £5 post to return them
  9. there is a bolt listed for 2008-2009 with steel wheel £12.62 just give me a bell if u would like to discuss/order Thanks Graham
  10. This is true my friend...but the whole idea of mail order is the convinience of not having to drive somewhere using petrol and standing in a que ;)
  11. If u can get I door lock removed I can strip down and get key cut BUT you will still need it coded in... Strip down and key would be £35
  12. One belt mate
  13. sorry mate....sometimes when a digit short its a 0 at the front...not in your case though
  14. £16.70 each..primed, cn be painted to match £20 delivery would be £7.50