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  1. Servicing Costs

    Many Thanks. I have never had a C-Max this long.?? Even though this is my Third Max. 05 - 07 now 09 plates. The more I drive them - the more I like em? I believe my Max was owned by The Blue Oval - Brentwood, I may be wrong? The Panoramic Sunroof is liked very much by The Wife. Round town milage about 38mpg Had on a run 52mpg. This I hope will improve. Many Thanks C
  2. Servicing Costs

    My '09 2.0 Titanium Cmax is due for Service. 24000 miles. What am I expecting to pay at Ford Dealership. Thank You in advance.
  3. C- Max MPG

    Titanium is my latest CMax TDCi - Infact this is my 3rd CMax. Others all 1.6 worst 39mpg - best 52mpg. Not sure what should get from my 2.0 Diesel. Just coming upto 10K. The main thing - Just enjoy. Clive